Watercolor by Carolyn Newberger

Essays and Memoirs

These writings have flowed from Carolyn’s personal experiences and reflections. They often concern experiences and events that illuminate larger issues in all our lives, such as generativity, our own and our loved one’s aging, and the passions and perils of relationships. Told with humor and a light touch, these stories often evoke laughter through tears.

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Illuminating the Hidden Forest

The chapters below are published The Berkshire Edge, a newspaper in Western Massachusetts. Accompanied by my dog Lily, I explore the deep forest surrounding my Berkshire home, and in words and images describe the discoveries and insights the forest inspires.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Varnish cap mushrooms and hollow stumps
Chapter 3: Ancestor trees
Chapter 4: Embrace
Chapter 5: City on a Hill
Chapter 6: A celebration of death
Chapter 7: Gear
Chapter 8: Papoose
Chapter 9: Newts
Chapter 10: An incandescence of mushrooms
Chapter 11: Hummingbirds say goodbye
Chapter 12: I’m not afraid of bears
Chapter 13: A wild side to a sweet dog
Chapter 14: Day of the oysters
Chapter 15: On the femininity of trees
Chapter 16: The ecology of acorns and ticks: Once bitten, twice shy
Chapter 17: Ghosts
Chapter 18: Mother Tree, now and forever
Chapter 19: Property
Chapter 20: What we see isn’t all there is
Chapter 21: The forest is a nomad
Chapter 22: Getting ready for winter
Chapter 23: My canine sensory extender
Chapter 24: Hunting season
Chapter 25: Hibernation
Chapter 26: Christmas in Key West
Chapter 27: Found and lost in the woods
Chapter 28: The miracle of milkweed
Chapter 29: Trees and the art of aging
Chapter 30: For the love of birds
Chapter 31: Summer eyes and winter eyes
Chapter 32: An artist’s eye in Manhattan
Chapter 33: Deer in the dawn
Chapter 34: Winter ice